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About Yule Love This and Blodwit, the Elf


Blodwit The Elf - Elf No 26, Santa's Chief Little Helper

About Blodwit - Elf No 26

Let me introduce Blodwit, Elf No 26 - Santa's chief little helper for


A long long time ago, when Santa was still in shorts, climbing trees and hiding stones in snow balls, two little elves – Mr Alf Witt and Mrs Dimm Witt – decided it was time to increase the elf population. A few days later out popped a little elflet. "Bloddy Hell, that was quick" exclaimed Dimm - and so, Bloddy Hell Witt (or Blodwit for short) was born.


Over the centuries as Santa went through his teenage years and Blodwit grew to his full size of 3ft 6 inches (about 1m), they became great friends. Blodwit helped Santa with his homework and Santa helped Blodwit with his shopping - mainly reaching the items on the higher shelves for him.


Blodwit is now happily married to his childhood sweetheart, Brenda Bumwhistle and, in traditional elf style, has taken her surname as his own. For obvious reasons, however, Blodwit Bumwhistle prefers to be referred to by his first name only.



Blodwit's CV

Blodwit is now Santa's chief little helper in charge of R&D (Rudolph and Dancer) at Santa's workshop. One of his main responsibilities (as well as looking after Elf and Safety) is helping Santa to reply to all the letters he receives from excited boys and girls all over the world. To bring Santa into the 21st Century, Blodwit created his website to make it really easy for mums and dads and grandparents to let Santa know what to write in his reply letters.


Blodwit has made sure that Santa's Reply Letter website is very easy to use and that it gives you the opportunity to create a truly unique letter for each child. You can enter approximately a dozen pieces of information about your child and you will then be given a selection of paragraphs to select from based on the age of the child and the information you have provided - your child will be amazed at how much Santa (or Father Christmas - your choice!) - knows about them and their Christmas routine! As far as Blodwit is aware, no other website offers such versatility and choice whilst remaining extremely straightforward to use.



Just in case you're interested ... !


What is Yule Love This?

'Yule Love This' is a family partnership which was set up to take over the very successful Reply Letters From Santa brand in 2010. Yule Love This realised that there are lots of Christmas gift websites which are very similar and offer the same types of products. We want to be different and offer bespoke, value-for-money, products


What Yule Love This offers that the others don't!

Apart from the magical 'Reindeer Dust' and fully personalised Reply Letter from Santa, Yule Love This prides itself on forward-thinking and customer service. Keith Marsden, one of the partners, has over 20 years experience in user-facing systems and website development. He is Managing Director of Willow View Websites and also runs