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About Yule Love This


Just in case you're interested ... !


What is Yule Love This?

'Yule Love This' is a 'grandfather-and-father' partnership which was set up to take over the very successful Reply Letters From Santa brand in 2010. Yule Love This realised that there are lots of Christmas gift websites which are very similar and offer the same types of products. We want to be different and offer bespoke, value-for-money, products


What Yule Love This offers that the others don't!

Apart from the magical 'Reindeer Dust' and fully personalised Reply Letter from Santa, Yule Love This prides itself on forward-thinking and customer service. Keith Marsden, one of the partners, has over 20 years experience in user-facing systems and website development. He is Managing Director of Willow View Websites and co-runs