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Santa's Diary


Santa doesn't just work at Christmas sending out all of his Reply Letters and delivering presents to children all around the world, oh no - he's started sending us his diary so that we can find out just what it is that Santa gets up to for the rest of the year. Read on below for a fascinating glimpse into his personal life....


Santa's Diary Entry  Flowers, chocolate and Easter Eggs

Santa's Diary Entry  Not many sleeps to go now

Santa's Diary Entry  Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Santa's Diary Entry  Who'll be the fool on April Fools Day?

Santa's Diary Entry  And they're off!

Santa's Diary Entry  It’s over, it’s over, it’s all over ………

Santa's Diary Entry  The Elves are taking over the Establishment

Santa's Diary Entry  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ………..

Santa's Diary Entry  It’s Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

Santa's Diary Entry  Hey ho, hey ho it’s back to school we go!

Santa's Diary Entry  We’re all going on a summer holiday ………

Santa's Diary Entry  The long balmy days of summer - oh no wait …………

Santa's Diary Entry  Santa's Bank Holiday

Santa's Diary Entry  By George, it's springtime

Santa's Diary Entry  Easter - time to get all our eggs in one basket.

Santa's Diary Entry  It's a lurve thing

Santa's Diary Entry  And relax!

Santa's Diary Entry  Whistle while you work, Santa is a …………

Santa's Diary Entry  Flash, bang, whoosh