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Create your own reply letters from Santa, Father Christmas or St NicholasReply Letters From Santa for children


Fully Personalised Letters From Santa


Create unique and magical letters from Santa by choosing your own personalised paragraphs (you can even add your own) – only £4.99

Letter from Santa with matching envelope


'Good List Approved' Medals & Certificates


Imagine the delight on your child's face when they receive a medal from Santa with "The North Pole - Good List Approved" embossed on it – only £4.95

Certificate and Medal From Santa



How to create a Letter From Santa

North Pole postmark on your letter from SantaAll letters are created individually - by you. Simply answer a few questions and then choose from a huge selection of paragraphs (click for examples) which will be personalised based on your answers and the age of the child. You can also write your own paragraph.


Letters can come from Santa, Father Christmas or St Nicholas and all envelopes have a North Pole postmark.

All letters from Santa will arrive together

We guarantee that where more than one letter is ordered for a single address, they will arrive together at that address - rather than several days apart, which often happens at this time of the year. (Assuming they are ordered at the same time).


This year, we have already had orders for 39 letters from Santa to be sent to children in Australia, Ireland, Malta and of course the UK - that's 59,738 since we started in 2008!


Personalised Letter From Santa only £4.99Create Now

About Santa's Medals & Certificates

Santa's Good List Certificate RosetteEach Good List Approved medal comes with a 'North Pole Good List' Certificate which is personalised with your child's name and is signed by Santa or Father Christmas. It comes complete with a ribbon proudly exclaiming 'Santa says I've been good' and is in a little pouch to add authenticity. Each Certificate has Santa's 'North Pole Certified' stamp on it which matches the postmark on the Letters from Santa.


Why not show how lovely and well-behaved your child has been this year by sending them a Good List Approved Medal and Certificate along with their letter from Santa.


Good List Approved Medal & Certificate only £4.95Order Now



Watch our 1 minute animation to see how easy it is to create your Letter from Santa...


It's simple to build your letter from Santa


How to create your letter from Santa/Father Christmas


Just enter some details then choose up to 5 charming paragraphs from a huge selection to build your own fully personalised Letter from Santa




Looking for a Letter From Santa for an adult? ...

Letters from Santa for Adults


Each of your letters from Santa can include up to 5 personalised paragraphs. The more details you give, the greater the choice.


There are over 90 paragraphs available for you to choose from:


Don't forget: you can also add your own paragraph.