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What's New for 2024 on 'Reply Letters from Santa'?


In the past 17 years of running this website, we have sent over 63,000 letters from Santa to children as far afield as Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bermuda, the US, the Ukraine as well as lots of European countries, along with over 3,800 'Good List Approved' medals and certificates to UK towns and cities. We have had some amazing comments from customers and some very helpful feedback. The elves have been beavering away over the summer whilst Santa bathed in the sunshine on holiday for most of the year and they have added a few new bits for you.


New for 2022

After many years of trying, the elves have now mastered the art of using non-english characters (eg é ç à etc) so you can now use those for names in letters and on certificates.


New for 2020

Additional NEW PARAGRAPHS to choose from - including 'lockdown' and 'out of school' related ones.


New for 2018

A new, clean look! And even more mobile-friendly.


New for 2017

We've made the site easier to navigate and use - especially on mobile devices - and added a few new features.


New for 2016

This year Reply Letters From Santa have made it even easier for you to create your fully personalised letter from Santa by introducing 'postcode lookup'. For letters going to the UK you just need to enter the postcode and then select the address - saving you time and also ensuring that addresses are correct so the letter arrives as quickly as possible.


'Good List Approved' Medals and Certificates

Santa's Good List Medals and Certificates

This year we are really excited to be able to offer you quality 'North Pole Good List Approved' medals with printed ribbons and a personalised certificate to prove that your child is on Santa's Good List. Click here for more information.


View Letter Contents

If you can't remember what you wrote in your letter(s) you can now use the Track Your Order option on the menu to review the contents of any letters you have ordered.



New for 2015

The elves have been working extra hard this year to make the Reply Letters From Santa website mobile and tablet friendly to ensure that it's as easy to use as possible. All of the Letters From Santa screens should flow and resize according to the size of screen that you are creating your Santa Letters on. Please let us know if you have any problems.


We've also added new options for you to fill in so you've got a bigger range of paragraphs to choose from for your Letter From Santa. These include:

  • Favourite Sport
  • School/Playgroup Name and Teacher's Name
  • Favourite Television Programme

The BIG CHANGE we've made is to enable you to write your own paragraph so that your letter can be completely personal to your child.


We've also added lots of other new paragraphs. Please remember, the more information you fill in on the first screen, the more paragraphs you'll have to choose from when creating your child's personalised Letter From Santa.


We've also managed to get Santa to agree to tell us what he's been doing each month and can now bring you Santa's Diary which started in October 2015


Click here to start creating your uniquely personalised Letter From Santa.



New for 2013

Blodwit has been in training for sending out Tweets (@BlodwitTheElf) and will also be updating his Facebook ( page much more regularly throughout November and December.


Adult Letters From Santa

In 2012 we opened our sister site - - especially for letters from santa for adults. The site works on the same principle as this one. Letters can be either be rude or suitable for your granny.


Inclusion of Reindeer Dust for Under 3s

In 2010, following feedback from customers, we made it possible to include the free sachet of magical reindeer dust for children under 3 years of age by opting-in. Children aged 3 and above will, of course, still get the free reindeer dust with their bespoke letter from Santa.


Free Prize Draw [Not Currently Available]

Anyone can enter our Free Prize Draw by recommending us to their friends. As soon as the friend orders a letter from us, the person who entered the recommendation will be automatically entered into the free draw. Full details can be found on the Recommend Us link to the left.


Finish a Letter Later

We have added the ability to save your letter once it is complete and make payment at a later time. This may be especially useful where an employer doesn't allow access to secure payment websites. You can retrieve the letter(s) from another computer at any time and finish the order later.


Delete Incomplete Letters

We have found that some customers started an order and then decided that they didn't require one of the letters they had begun. You can now delete letters - either whilst you're placing the order, or if you log back in at a later date.


In 2009 we made some huge changes, the main ones being:


  • Create as many letters as you would like and then pay in one single transaction - you can easily switch between letters by using the child's name at the top of the page (this only shows when you create more than one letter)
  • The order process shows the steps at the top of the page. You can now easily go back to a previous step. Please remember to use the buttons at the bottom of the page to save your changes and move to the next page.
  • A lot of the 'other...' options that were selected last year (e.g. food you leave out for Santa) have been added to the main dropdown lists
  • Some of the paragraphs used to build your letter from Santa have been updated and new ones added
  • New buttons at the bottom of the pages have been added to make it easier to move to the next stage


We've also added a brand new Track Your Order facility. Just enter the unique Letter Reference which you will be given for each letter ordered and we'll tell you whether Santa has replied and when the letter was posted!


Blodwit, Santa's chief little helper started Blodwit's Blog (which is now discontinued) to give you a bit of background about himself and so you could see what's happening in the North Pole as we approach Christmas.


That's about it! If there's anything that you think we have missed, please let the elves know by filling in the feedback form and we'll see what we can do!