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Free Reindeer Dust for Under 3s


Due to 'elf and safety' we are required to advise you that the glitter used in the Reindeer Dust states that it is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


We are still happy to include a FREE sachet of Reindeer Dust for these young children on the understanding that this is done at your own risk and that although the reindeer love it, it is not suitable for human consumption.


Would you like us to include the FREE Reindeer Dust (to UK Mainland destinations only) with this letter?


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Past Last Order Date For


Santa says he's sorry but it is now too late to send letters to from the United Kingdom as they are unlikely to arrive in time for Christmas.


He has decided it's better not to send any more letters to from this website to avoid disappointment.


Please come back a little earlier next year and we will be pleased to help you create your letter.



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Orders for Letters From Santa placed today will be sent out on 1st December 2024

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Reindeer Dust

A Reply Letter From Santa

To ensure that the letter to your child is unique (and so that you can send different letters to several members of the same family) we have put together a number of questions below. You don't have to answer all of the questions, but the more you do, the more you will be able to customise your letters. Questions with a * do need to be answered.


Please enter information on this screen as you wish to have it printed on the letter (i.e. with Capital Letters where required). You will be shown a preview of your letter and given the ability to change the details before you pay.




Child's Details

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Address Details for the Envelope

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Christmas Eve

Where will your child be sleeping on Christmas Eve?
Whose house?
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Town or location (used in the main letter)
Colour of front door
Other distinguishing feature of house
house which has
Does the house have an open fire and chimney?

Other Info ...

Has your child seen Santa already this year?
What is the main present your child would like from Santa?

Personal Message


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Closing Paragraphs ...

Where are the presents normally put ?
(please answer the question below as well)
Which room are the presents normally delivered to?
Food you leave out for Santa
(please answer the question below as well)
Food you leave out for Rudoph
Would you like us to put a website address on the bottom of the letter so your child can track Santa's location on Christmas Eve?

Your Details

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The Boring Bit

Santa has a few Terms & Conditions which you need to agree to, as well as a Privacy Policy for your protection. (Both open in a new window/tab)


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To prevent the nasty spam-gremlins from filling this form in, please tell us:

What date is Christmas Day?:
th December

Thank you

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